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Hello, I am Veerle

My name is Veerle, I'm a creative dreamer, creator, and happiness-spreader with an infectious energy that rubs off on those around me. 

I may come across as soft-spoken, but don't let that fool you. I'm a vibrant person and always looking for new ways to make my dreams become reality.


Becoming a mother at a young age meant I had to get creative to find a way to pursue my dreams. It also meant that I had to put away some my own goals and dreams, but that´s ok. I love my family , they are my ray of sunshine and I love coming home to a warm house filled with love. I knew my moment would come, I just needed to wait a bit longer then others.


If I were ever to find myself stranded on an island, my number one companion would be my trusty pencil. When I pick it up and begin drawing, I'm swept away on a cloud of creativity and imagination - anything is possible in the fantasy I weave with each pencil stroke.

Another true love, however, is nature and traveling to explore new places. 

Although I don't have as much free time, I still manage to squeeze in time for a bit of adventure. I love long walks, strolling on the beach, reading fantasy books, travelling, things like that make me happy.


I can be counted on to stay on top of my responsibilities and stay organized. I may be imaginative and sometimes come across as a bit of a daydreamer, but when it comes to being punctual and following through with commitments, I'm your go-to girl. 

My Story

Graduated in 2006, I first specialised in bridal makeup, however a top 20 finish out of 350 participants in a creative makeup contest sparked an interest in face and body painting.


The draw to body and face painting allowed me to express my creativity and passion for art, which is largely self-taught through hours of tutorials, practice on myself and models, and finally more specific workshops. Now I use my skills for fiction, non-fiction, and commercials, and I am expanding my knowledge in special effects make-up.


At the same time, I have teaching and workshop experience, ready to share my craft with eager minds and a large group if necessary. With enough space in my life now to focus on freelancing and a drive to become an expert in SFX, it looks like the future is full of exciting and colorful possibilities.



bridal - natural - beauty - fashion - creative - facepaint - bodypaint - special effects - hairstyling

Available for: bridal, fashion, editorial, commercial, (hybrid) events, music video's, fiction, non-fiction - television - education

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