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Hello, I am Sarina

I am 32 years young, living in Antwerp, a beautiful and vibrant city full of inspiring cultural experiences, and I am surrounded by the people who bring me joy and energy.

I consider myself a creative perfectionist, striving for excellence in all of my endeavours.

When I'm not hard at work, I fill my days with the hobbies I am most passionate about. Music, concerts, festivals, traveling, and food are my loves; running, poledancing, and other physical activities are how I keep fit.

Reading, drawing and painting, creating art and artworks keep my creative side sated.

I am in love with the different eras and styles of art, particularly modern art, pop art, art nouveau, modern architecture, stained glass, vintage design.

I love that my life is filled with activity and activity is filled with life.

Life is truly what you make it!

My Story

I am a Belgium based make-up artist, photographer, (hair)stylist and an allround visual artist, I have been active in the TV, Fashion & Event industry for several years. Specialised in beauty, fashion, editorial and artistic shoots, I'm always wielding my makeup brushes and/or standing behind the camera to get that perfect picture.

At the age of 16 I started as a model myself and was immediately attracted by the creative aspects of a photography shoot. As I was modelling I started to discover the power of a good make-up, how it can empower, liberate and transform you into anything you want to be. A power to boost someone's confidence in a way they have never felt before. So the creative spark inside me became a fire and I decided to become a make-up artist.

In Antwerp I studied allround make-up at Encora and attended numerous workshops to perfect my craft as a polyvalent artist. But as if that wasn't enough, I also kept developing my photography skills. This gave me the big advantage of aligning the right look and feel to a picture of my own making.


I have 10 years experience in make-up, hairstyling, bodypaint for artists, music- and commercial videos, fashion runways, shoots, ... In the meanwhile I am working 9 years for VRT.

As photographer I have 7 years experience in beauty, fashion and wedding photography.

There are a lot of make-up artists & photographers who have found success by specializing in one particular genre. My career is rather the result of a conscious choice to work in all different aspects of the audiovisual industry. Instead of staying in one field, I embrace the versatility of both worlds and uses it to create my own style and brand.


face- & bodypaint - beauty - fashion - creature design - artistic - photography

Available for: TV- & commercial make-up, fashion, editorial, music video, bridal, photography, hairstyling (film, historical, bridal)

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