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Hello, I am Nele

I am 43 years young and mother of two cool boys: Lewis and Harvey.

I never turn down a dare or a challenge, because I know that the excitement that comes with pushing boundaries is well worth it. When I want something, I'll stop at nothing to get it - I'll transform into a pitbull, ready to pounce and take whatever it is I desire.

I am an extrovert who loves to laugh with my own jokes, singing my own tune as I go through life. I like change, because I never want to become stagnant.

My body never stands still - fueled by coffee and my fashion obsession, I'm always on the move.

With all these combined, life has become an adventure, and I'm never backing down..

After years of working in sales, turning 40 felt like a defining moment in my life. One thing I knew for sure: fashion is my passion and is ingrained in my DNA. 


My Story

I have studied fashion in many different forms, but no matter what I do, it's always coming from the heart. Fashion is something that I'm truly passionate about and I will go out of my way to stay up to date with the latest trends.


As a passionate fashionista, I am committed to helping you make your shoot, video, or commercial as perfect as possible. With your creative vision in mind, I'm happy to either use your mood board to develop the concepts for your shoot, or I can even create one for you!

With experience in commercials, photoshoots, and videoclips, I strive to provide customers with a high-quality service and the most memorable experience. I am an adaptable team-player and understand that the best results are achieved when everyone involved is comfortable and content. I am confident that no matter what the project is, I will always bring my utmost dedication and enthusiasm. I believe that when it comes to creative projects, there is no such thing as too much; the sky is truly the limit for me.

Working together as a team at “we are MUSA", I know we can create something magical. I'd be honored to be part of your team and make your vision a reality.


commercial - fashion - creative - extraordinary - high-class

Available for: commercial, editorial, fashion, branding, event, music video, television

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