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Hello, I am Gaëlle

My name is Gaëlle and I was born in 1993.

I am open-minded, social, and eager to tackle any challenge that comes my way, I thrive when it's time to design or gather unique pieces to create stunning styling projects. With a strong work ethic, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to my craft, I relish the freelance life for the variety of people, places, and experiences it brings.

As a true adventrepreneur, I take the time to traverse the globe while still keeping Belgium close.


When it's time for me to relax, I spend much of my free time outdoors with my dog, exploring nature and embracing the sunshine. Whether it be rollerblading, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, or yoga, I take the time to do what brings me joy.

I even have a van for independent travel which often serves as a source for unique and interesting items to use for styling.

My Story

The love I have for fashion and nature started at a young age, I remember sketching out my own dresses inspired by volcanoes in my school books. After completing my degree in fashion business management, I went on to pursue marketing positions in the fashion world. After taking part in various fairs at fashion week, I was fortunate enough to be asked to become a model. As I started wearing my own designs to go to work, I received requests to do styling for photoshoots. I now offer my creativity

for both videography and photography projects as a model and stylist.

My philosophy of fashion is that it is an extension of the mindset, which should be treated more as art or personal expression rather than a trend of commerce.

As a freelance model, stylist, and marketer, I have diverse views on the industry. My angle is always creative sustainablility and I strive to think unconventionally to bring forth authenticity and personality. My aim is to create an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual success between myself, the client, and the ultimate customer.

The nature inspired brand I founded, di'Elle Upcycle, focuses on producing pieces tailored from sustainably sourced materials, as well as offering personal styling services for shoots and events. I have been on this journey since I was a child and it brings me a unique satisfaction to be able to continue doing what I love most.


sustainable fashion - upcycle pieces - creative fashion items - handmade jewellery - handmade headpieces

Available for: custom made pieces, photoshoots, video shoots, editorial, branding, events, television

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