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Photography | Models | Education 


If you are in search of a professional and experienced photographer for your upcoming project, or celebration, Sarina is the perfect person for the job. Sarina is a polyvalent artist, but as if that wasn’t enough for her, she also kept developing her photography skills. This gave her the big advantage of aligning the right look and feel to a picture of her own making.

Sarina has an uncanny ability to capture memorable photos, with her creative vision and boundless talent.

Hire Sarina to make sure your event, project, or special day has the photographic memories it deserves!


We also collaborate with Wim Vanderwegen on our visual projects! We appreciate the high-quality, unique photos that Wim has produced for this website. With Wim on board, we know that our visual elements will be a cut above the rest. We look forward to bringing our creative vision to life with Wim's talented eye behind the lens.


We may all be incredibly gorgeous, but Gaelle and Nathalie have something extra special about them—they both have the knowledge and experience to pull off a perfect photoshoot every time.

Even better, Gaelle has also become an experienced underwater model. With her bubbly personality, infectious laugh and uncanny ability to stay totally composed and look stunning even when submerged, she's quickly become a favorite amongst photographers. 

Nathalie is a stunning woman with a captivating look that can change in an instant. She has a natural beauty that can fit any setting.

We're all incredibly lucky to have such amazing models in our group, With our diverse skillsets and determined spirits, there's no telling what amazing projects and achievements our team can create. We can't wait to find out!


3 of our talented make-up artists (Julie, Johanna and Sarah DG) taught many new artists the ins and outs of the industry. Their patience, knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious, inspiring many of the aspiring make-up artists. During their classes, the 3 of them shared their top tips and tricks on how to perfect the application of eye-shadow, lip-stick, foundation, and all the other elements of make-up artistry. They shared many inspiring stories of their journey, giving the new artists invaluable insight into the industry. Everyone walked away from the class feeling confident, excited and eager to learn more. The 3 make-up artists gave them the courage to believe in themselves and their ability to create stunning and beautiful looks for any occasion.

Nora and Veerle are regulars at Kryolan. Whether they're teaching classes on applying bald caps, teaching how to make stunning facepaint creations, or just helping the store’s patrons, they are well-known in the local art scene. As both Nora and Veerle had a knack for pushing boundaries and bringing art to life, their workshops are always different, fun, and highly creative. Each of their classes are attended by a full room of eager faces, from amateur enthusiasts to professionals in the art world. 

At MUSA, we offer one-on-one personalized make-up classes designed to fit your individual skill level and preferences. Whether you’re looking to perfect your contour, get into a daily make-up routine or need help to create that perfect smokey eye, we can help! With our private make-up classes, we ensure that each individual’s make-up journey is enjoyable and tailored to fit their own personal style.

Our services are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to look your best!

Beauty Corner

At MUSA we make sure you and your guests will look & feel glamorous.

Our make-up corners can make any event special and elegant, bringing a luxurious look to your event.

We collaborate with partners that provide furniture, adaptable to the theme of your event.

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